We are happy that you have visited our “Welcome" Page! This is one of the ways to become better acquainted with new friends in Fort Sumner, De Baca County, and eastern New Mexico.

We are thankful to be one of the historic churches of this great state, having been in existence for over fifty years. We are a people who are excited by the great message of the Bible, the good news of Jesus, and the present reality of God working in the families of our congregation.

Some of the people who worship here actually drive from other areas to enjoy the worship, the Word, and the fellowship they find here. It is our sincere desire to be a source of great inspiration and spiritual renewal to this entire area. Perhaps we can share this wonderful experience with you as well.

To help facilitate our friendship and be a blessing to our community, we would be happy to send you a free CD of one of the pastors' Sunday sermons. If you live at too great a distance to come all the time, we could send you the Sunday morning messages on a regular basis (with no charge). The sermons are posted on this website. Some people of prayer would be happy to agree in prayer with you about any serious need in your family. We have found that God is a loving, concerned Father to us all, and we are sure that He wants to bless you abundantly! The Lord is greatly interested in each person, regardless of age or circumstances. We pray this website will become a great source of blessing to you!

Pastors Ernest and Anna Gentile
P.O. Box 467, Fort Sumner, NM 88119 • 25203 US HWY 84
Church: (575) 355-2201• Home: (575) 355-2447
Email: info@thechurchonthehillfs.com