We are a congregation that love the Word of God and desire to see every person receive the great blessings that come from knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We believe that the church you see presented in the New Testament can be duplicated in our day as well, bringing blessing to the whole community. The Christian way of life is both beneficial and exciting, and we would like to invite your participation in being a part of this Christian community.

Although our congregation meets in “The Church on the Hill,” the actual church, according to the Bible, is the people who gather to worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and we happen to use that building.

Besides the modern brick building, you will notice an older remodeled structure that is now used for additional classes, etc. In 1962 that was the first meeting place for the small group of dedicated people who formed this church.

At the time, it didn't particularly seem a likely place to start a church. God, nevertheless, used Pastor Grace Solis and her enthusiastic followers to gather a congregation that grew and blessed the community in a wonderful way.

After Pastor Grace's health failed in 1990, Mike and Anna Teeter pastored the church for twelve years. When Pastor Mike went to Heaven in 2002, Anna assumed the pastorate. She has led the congregation for these past years. In 2009 the Lord blessed in the addition of attractive classrooms and a beautiful, large fellowship hall.

Pastor Anna, it seems, is known by most everybody in De Baca County. She has officiated at a great number of weddings and funerals, and is greatly loved. In May of 2014, Anna married Ernest Gentile, a minister from San Jose, CA. Ernest had previously ministered in several of our annual church conferences. Together, Anna and Ernest now are the co-pastors of The Church on the Hill. For more information about Pastor Gentile, visit his website ernestgentile.com.

The church building is easy to find in Fort Sumner, NM. It is located on the north edge of town on Highway 84. Most folks that live in Fort Sumner are actually within walking or short driving distance of the great worship services.

Pastors Ernest and Anna Gentile
P.O. Box 467, Fort Sumner, NM 88119 • 25203 US HWY 84
Church: (575) 355-2201• Home: (575) 355-2447
Email: info@thechurchonthehillfs.com